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Best Car Air Mattresses for Long-Haul Drivers and Campers

It’s always a thrill to go on a road trip in the car! Unless they take more than four hours. ‘Til then. The back seat is the least pleasant place to sleep in a car if you’re a frequent road traveler. However, this can be remedied quickly and easily!

I’ve compiled a list of five of the best air mattresses for cars, so all you have to do is pick one and you’ll be able to sleep well on the road!

Our Reviews of 5 Best Car Air Mattresses and Preview of the Topics:

Best overall — Editor’s Choice – HIRALIY

Best air mattress for SUV – WEY&FLY-air bed

Best air mattress for the truck back seat – Hikotor

Best budget pick – FB SPORT

Best for versatility — SAYGOGO

  • Main Types of Car Air Mattresses
  • How to Choose a Quality Car Airbed?
  • Material
  • Construction Lifestyle
  • Air pump

Best Overall — Editor’s Choice – HIRALIY

The HIRALIY is the first product I’ll be highlighting in my look at the finest vehicle air mattresses. An Oxford cloth and waterproof PVC airbed are compatible with practically any car seat in a conventional sedan, SUV, or truck, making it ideal for infants and toddlers alike.


It comes with an electric pump that can inflate or deflation the mattress in less than two minutes, depending on the desired firmness. In addition, the mattress is packaged in a handy sleeping bags to make it simple to move and store.


The combination of Oxford cloth and PVC layers makes the mattress extremely long-lasting. A soft velvety material covers the top of the HIRALIY inflatable backseat bed, making it even more comfortable.

Terrific investment

If you’re a trucker, camper, or just someone who enjoys long-distance driving, I think this airbed is a terrific investment since it cannot deflate overnight due to the double sided flocking and durable construction to withstand extreme temperatures.

For those who are:

  • Actively used. With the HIRALIY, camping is a breeze because it’s waterproof and composed of heavy-duty materials that can handle repeated inflation and deflation cycles.
  • Weary snoozers! Heavy sleepers can rest easy on this mattress, which can support up to 400 pounds.
  • Traveling with the whole family. Your little one can sleep in the HIRALIY kit’s inflatable child safety barrier, which is included.

Best Air Mattress for SUV – WEY&FLY

If you have an SUV, you’ll want to check out this contender in our list of the best air mattresses for cars. The WEY&FLY airbed can withstand vigorous use and a variety of weather situations while being remarkably simple to set up and maintain.

The SUV air mattress’s structure is one of its most notable features. Each of the WEY&FLY’s four sections has its valve, allowing it to function independently.


When it comes to deciding whether to inflate the whole thing or just a few areas that best fit your SUV, there are two options:

PVC film, corduroy, and faux suede flocking on both sides make up the WEY&FLY. For those who enjoy camping, this mattress is an excellent choice: according to the manufacturer, the airbed can handle temperatures between -13F and 122F, making it a terrific option.

In the end, I found this airbed to be a comfortable place to sleep, and I think it would be an excellent investment for anyone. What more could you ask for in a chair that’s both sturdy and comfortable?

Those who are:

  • Automobile enthusiasts who drive big rigs. The WEY&FLY is compatible with most SUVs and can be used to convert the back of your vehicle into a comfortable sleeping mattress or recreational area.
  • Sleepers with a lot of space. As long as you don’t weigh more than 570 pounds, the airbed will be able to support you without sagging or compressing.
  • Those in search of greater adaptability. You can use the mattress as a camping mat or a sitting mat by inflating different areas of it.

Best Air Mattress for the Truck Back Seat – Hikotor

Here’s a model for truck owners that will help them get a better night’s sleep. There’s more to the Hikotor than just an airbed; it’s a complete sleep set that includes everything from a mattress to earplugs and a sleep mask!

In addition, the mattress may be used in most trucks. I’ve included this model in my list of the best automobile air mattresses because of these factors. More to it than that though.


The mattress’ dimensions (with the attached head two inflatable pillows) are 66.9 x 26.6 inches, which is exactly suitable for a single sleeper with an average body type.

The bumper can also be used as a seat for your child if you inflate the longer side.

You can use this air mattress for the truck back seat as a conventional camping mattress or as a fully-arranged sleeping place in your truck because each portion has its valve.


It’s the Hikotor that I’d recommend if you’re searching for a comfy and affordable option. Durability, ease of maintenance, and adaptability are all strengths of this mattress.

Those who are:

  • Truckers. It’s not the best place to sleep in a truck, but with this air mattress, you won’t mind taking a nap now and then.
  • Traveling with the whole family. If you’re traveling with children, you won’t have to worry about them rolling off the mattress thanks to the inclusion of a safety bumper.
  • Travelers who suffer from back pain. The Hikitor provides excellent back support and can conform to the body’s natural curves, making it an excellent choice for long-distance drivers who experience discomfort and stiffness as a result of their work.

Best Budget Pick – FB SPORT

FB SPORT is an additional choice in my evaluation of the finest vehicle air mattresses. All the advantages of more expensive mattresses are included in this reasonably priced mattress, plus it will improve the comfort of your sloping seat in the car.

When inflated, the FB SPORT is 56.3″ x 34.25″ x 3″, so it won’t take up much room in your vehicle. It is capable of supporting a heavy single sleeper and its natural spine curves.

The bottom bumper provides a level surface and prevents you from feeling like you’re sliding off.

Best Car Mattress
Best Car Mattress


You’ll also appreciate the fact that this blow-up mattress for a car comes with an additional cushion that sits between the two front seats. Because it’s removable, you can use it as a pillow if you want to.

The airbed can be inflated and deflated quickly with the accompanying electric pump or air pump, and the included storage bag makes it easy to store and carry the item.

There aren’t a lot of extras with the FB SPORT, but it’s surprisingly comfortable and supportive for a budget-friendly mattress.

Those who are:

  • With a limited budget. The FB SPORT illustrates that a high-quality automobile airbed doesn’t have to cost a fortune.
  • Travelers who are traveling on their own. Your back seat can be transformed into a comfortable resting area for one person by using a mattress.
  • Campers. In your tent or out in the open, you may use the FB SPORT airbed as a comfortable sitting mat.

Best for Versatility — SAYGOGO

The SAYGOGO is another option in our list of the best air car mattresses. It’s an inflatable mattress with six chambers that can be used in any vehicle, be it a standard car, an SUV, or a truck. It’s crafted from long-lasting materials and is available in three versatile shades.


Two pillows are included with this mattress, so it may be used as a complete sleeping environment. SAYGOGO is made up of six different chambers, each of which may be inflated at your discretion to accommodate a mattress in your vehicle.

When fully inflated, the mattress can support up to 380 pounds of weight.

If you frequently travel by automobile, SAYGOGO is an excellent mattress because it can improve your sleep in just 2-3 minutes.

Those who are:

  • Functional options for those who need them. Inflate each section of the SAYGOGO mattress separately so that you may fit it in any automobile without any effort at all.
  • Families with young children who go camping. Since you can simply set up a safe testing environment for your child in the rear thanks to the mattress’ design, you should consider buying one.
  • Travelers who are on a tight budget. You may acquire a long-lasting and versatile mattress for your car for about $60, which will make your trips more thrilling and last for many years.


Topware is the best inflatable mattress on the market due to its space-saving design and lower price than its competitors.

This inflatable air mattress, which measures 57 by 52 inches and has a 12-inch integrated pillow, is suitable for most automobiles, vans, and SUVs. Low-roof vehicles benefit from the car bed low profile and the attached air pump quickly inflates it.


  • A saving of $20 to $100 in comparison to comparable products from competitors
  • Incorporating cushions for ease of use
  • Because of the split design, just a portion of the car interiors is wasted space.

Thera Health Folding Mattress

Flexible seating can be found in some station wagons, vans, and even hatchbacks, allowing passengers to sleep on the floor of the vehicle.

The right mattress toppe is important:

The only thing these cars require is the right mattress topper to level off the padding and smooth up the surface.

In addition to being certified nontoxic, Thera Health’s 72-inch mattress folds into a travel case for easy storage.

Despite its single-person design, the Thera may be utilized in a wide range of vehicles and even if the floor isn’t entirely flat.

Sleepingo Sleeping Pad for a Good Night’s Sleep

With a water bottle-sized mattress pad, Sleepingo’s mattress pad is a huge hit with the outdoorsy crowd resembling a memory foam sleeping mat for car trips.

Is ideal

This pad is ideal for tiny automobiles with flat-folded cargo sections since it transforms a harsh seatback or too much space into a comfy and sleepable surface.

The Sleepingo is a great option for budget-conscious campers or those who travel in smaller vehicles and do car camping and road trips.

Goplus Inflatable Backseat Air Mattress

You may protect your car’s backseat cushions from wear and tear by using an inflatable pad that extends the backseat cushion.

The rear footwell is made more spacious by the addition of two pedestals. Keep in mind that transportable beds can only be utilized when the vehicle is parked. When the car is moving, no one should be lying across the backseat.

Main Types of Car Air Mattresses

You may be asking yourself:

Is there a point in purchasing a rear air mattress specifically made for a car? Is it possible to utilize a conventional air mattress, such as the one used for camping? Honestly, I don’t think so.

Cars of all shapes and sizes are available today, including everything from standard sedans to sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks.

But there is one thing they all have in common – they are all women.

In most situations, their back seat will be smaller than a Twin-size airbed. When it comes to regular bed sizes, a twin is the most compact.

As a result, an airbed for your car must be purchased that is specifically made to fit your model.

Also, there’s no need to be alarmed. Despite a large number of automobiles on the road today, most car airbeds are only available in two configurations.

Air mattresses for the backseats

In general, people choose this route. A backseat suv air mattress includes two inflatable ‘legs’ that fill the area between the front and back seats to ensure a consistent sleeping surface.

Many automobiles, trucks, and SUVs can be fitted with these sorts of car airbeds.

Air mattresses for SUVs are a common sight

For added comfort, these backseat beds are larger than regular ones and may include a variety of detachable components, such as edge bumpers or additional head sections.

SUV airbeds are designed to be placed on the floor in the back of your car, so they’re constructed with heavy-duty materials.

How to Choose a Quality Car Airbed?

So, you’ve chosen to acquire a car air mattress for your vehicle instead of spending money on pricey motels.

What factors need to be taken into account when choosing car air mattress or camping air mattress?


PVC is the most common material for inflated backseat cushions. Because of its flexibility and waterproof qualities, this material can resist repeated inflation and deflation cycles. In some cases, additional materials, such as polyester or oxford fabric, can be used to make an airbed more durable and ideal for active use.

In addition, make sure to verify the weight capacity of your suv air mattresses so that you can rest comfortably that it can sustain your weight.


The mattress itself and two ‘legs,’ which fill the space in front of your seat, make up the typical backseat suv air mattress in a car. If you’re looking for the most basic setup, this is it.

The head and leg sections of some variants can be removed for additional comfort. For a more customized fit in your vehicle, consider an inflatable bed with detachable sections that can be inflated separately.

The ‘air beams’

The ‘air beams’ that make up the support structure of all inflatable mattresses are present in all models. Even in a cramped backseat, these air beams can adapt to your body form and provide a comfortable night’s sleep.

The multi-chambered design is another common feature of automotive car air beds. It is possible to inflate only the chambers that are necessary to fit the mattress in your car.

What you do for a living

Depending on how you intend to utilize your suv air mattress in your car, you may have to make a decision.

To avoid scrambling in the middle of nowhere in search of ways to patch your airbed, those who intend to use the mattress not only for vehicle journeys but also for camping may need a bed that is waterproof and constructed of more lasting materials.

It is also possible to look for airbeds that have safety bolsters to keep your children from rolling off the airbed as they sleep.

Pumping of air

The 12-volt pump that comes with the most inflatable backseat beds is already included in the package. Before your vacation, make sure you test the pump.

It should not rattle or overheat and should inflate your airbed in about 2-3 minutes on average.

Affordability in maintaining

Finally, you shouldn’t have to worry about maintaining your inflatable backseat mattress.

Most current airbeds are relatively simple to maintain, and this is a good thing.

After wiping them down with a moist cloth, deflating them, and folding them into the storage bag, you’re ready to go!

The ending thoughts

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on motel rooms to make your vehicle travels more pleasant. In terms of durability, versatility, and comfort, the automobile airbeds I’ve tested here are all just right.

HIRALIY would be my pick if I had to pick just one. The support is provided for my back and the overall comfort made it my favorite place to sleep.

In addition, the mattress is built of heavy-duty materials that can sustain years of active use without ripping or puncturing.

You own what kind of vehicle? Which of the aforementioned models do you believe is the best fit for this particular use case? In the comments section below, please share your thoughts!

Sleeping in a car or truck is not comfortable unless you plan. One of the best ways to make the space more conducive to sleeping is by using a car air beds-air bed.

It’s designed to be placed on top of a vehicle’s back seat to provide a more comfortable sleeping spot.

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