How To Get Urine Out Of A Memory Foam Mattress?

An unavoidable fate that everyone must endure in one way or another is by handling urine either from pets, family members, or even your own after all accidents happen.

If you think that this is hilarious, then you have no idea how a human body operates. You can also jog your mind and remember how you could accidentally urinate on yourself as a kid.

We recommend you immediately clean urine if such an incident because other waiting or ignorance will only cause more harm. Ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and liquid detergent should help while cleaning urine stained mattress.

The fact that you are on this page means that it might be your current situation, and if that is the case, then there is nothing to worry about.

Are you in distress on how to get urine and pee smell out of your memory foam? Worry not, for this article will give a step-by-step guide on removing urine, fresh urine, or pet urine on that fancy mattress of yours.

How to get urine out of memory foam mattress?

Using mattress protectors

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How do I prevent future stains & odors?

The very best way to keep excess moisture out of a mattress is to make sure that the material and construction have been protected well. We suggest using a high-quality pillow protector – ideally a fully waterproof one. Clean bedsheets regularly may even help you avoid unwanted smells on your mattress. A simple dishwashing every four days can help clean up a bed’s smells.

A word on cat and dog urine

Cat urine or dog urine, in general, smells much more intense and strong than other forms of blood. This is due to the number of urates in it which degrade into ammonia when used to produce urine. Most enzymatic cleaners target pet urine. You may need to repeat the procedure a few times to get the smell out of the mattress. Or we can continue using the method.

Four ways to handle accidental urine on a mattress

Method 1: Best for stubborn stains

Detergents have proved how strong they can be when it comes to cleaning even the toughest stains. Are you looking for a method with no weak spot, one that gives nothing but pure results when accidents happen?

A reinforcement of laundry detergent is all you need.


Paper towels to clean urine

You will need paper towels to remove surplus moisture.

Distilled white vinegar to clean urine

Distilled white vinegar is used to extract uric acid and ammonia smell.

Color-safe laundry detergent

The detergent is used to clean stains and smells to weaken uric acid and urine odor further.

Spray bottle

It is essential usually used to spread white vinegar and laundry detergent to the mattress.

Baking soda

Baking soda is the reagent used to soak up urine from the foam.

Vacuum cleaner

Used to clean the baking soda.

5 Simple steps to follow:

  • Dab as much fresh urine stain as possible using paper towels. Remove as much urine stain as possible, then dispose of the paper towels after removing urine stains.
  • Pour white vinegar in the sprayer, then coat the affected area or affected stained area on the mattress. This should take you no less than an hour. After you are convinced that the white vinegar has served its purpose, use another paper towels to soak out and dry on the mattress.
  • Carefully wash your spray bottle and ensure that there is no more white vinegar. After you are convinced that it is clean, fill it half full with a liquor detergent matching the color of your foam. Fill the other half with cold water. Avoid using hot or warm water, which will only make the urine stains more resilient. Vigorously shake the bottle to mix the water with the detergent.
  • Spray the solution to every part affected area of the mattress but mainly focus on spots with urine stains. Give it an hour or so, then take the towels and wipe dry any remaining moisture.
  • The final process you need to do is sprinkle baking soda in the affected areas. Wait until the baking soda remains white.
  • Let the baking soda sit, then use the vacuum cleaner to clean the memory foam mattress.

Method 2: Best for wet stains

If you tried the first method and it didn’t give you satisfying results, here is another much simpler and less demanding yet heavier cleaning solution to try out.


Paper towels 

You will need this to soak up excess liquid.

Distilled white vinegar urine stains remover

To break down uric acid and neutralize the stains and smells

Your favorite essential oil and baking soda 

The oil will serve an essential purpose in reducing urine odor or minimizing vinegar smell might you opt to use it.

Baking soda 

It will help remove the urine stains.

Spray bottle 

Will apply a few drops of white vinegar and essential oil to the memory foam mattress.

Vacuum cleaner 

Blow away the baking soda.

Simple Steps to Follow:

  • Remove the urine stains to the last drop so that you will not have to repeat the process. Blot the stains using paper towels. Do not rub the wet area since this will only worsen the already occurred. The process is tedious depending on the quantity of urine so remove as much liquid without sparing the rag or towels.
  • Once you remove the urine stain, sprinkle baking soda on all the affected spots.
  • Pour undiluted vinegar into a spray bottle and if the smell is too strong, add the required amount of oil that you are comfortable with.
  • Spray the stains until they are no more, and do not drench them. Let the vinegar cover the spots for approximately 10 minutes.
  • After you are sure that time is up, use enough paper towels to soak up all the moisture. Some of the baking soda will be carried along by the towels, which is fine.
  • Stain more baking soda on the memory foam mattress and leave it for as long as you can
  • Then use a vacuum cleaner and blow away the baking soda.
  • Spray the traditional mattress or whichever mattress you are using with your favorite oil.

After you are done with this soaking of the urine, it would be wise to install a mattress protector to prepare for such circumstances in the future.

Method 3: Best for old stains

Dry urine sticks into the mattress fibers forming dingy yellow dots or risky color combinations. The yellowish dots you see attracts oxidizing agents like hydrogen peroxide.

As a result of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, there is a chemical breakdown of urine, and the stains vanish.

Hydrogen peroxide might be a good antiseptic, but not when it comes to white mattress foams, the reason being it contains elements that discolor the fiber upon contact.

Are you in search of a stronger cleaning solution that will work on your old stains? Method three will suit you right.


Baking soda

To absorb dry urine stain and absorb lingering odor.

Hydrogen peroxide 

To dissolve the bold stain and diminish bacteria

Liquid detergent

A dish-washing detergent to penetrate and break down uric acid while neutralizing the smell

Steps to follow

Here are some simple steps to follow:

  • Sprinkling baking soda at your old mattress. Let the baking soda settle until it starts getting a dark color.
  • Make a mixture sit of Hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and dishwashing detergent in a bowl.
  • Cover the urine stains with that solution but don’t soak them. Leave it until it’s dry. You might experience a foul smell, so leave the windows open for air circulation. If the urine smell persists, remove the mattress outside for fresh air.
  • Once you are convinced that urine stains perish, use a vacuum to suck out moisture and wipe with a dry cloth.

Method 4: Best for strong smelling stains

Human urine contains ammonia, an unhealthy waste product caused by dehydration, infections, or other health conditions. Animal urine may also contain ammonia resulting in a horrible urine smell.

Ammonia contains a lingering smell Strong enough to wake the dead. Luckily, enzymatic cleaners were explicitly designed to tackle such odors.

The enzyme cleaners contain enzymes known as protease and safe and natural bacteria. The protease enzymes break down protein-based stains, such as urine, into small particles for the natural bacteria to digest. Once the bacteria absorb the urine particles, they are chemically transformed into carbon dioxide and water to evaporate.

These cleaners are best known to remove urine stains and dried urine. You are advised to test the enzyme cleaner before using it since it reacts differently in different colors. If your enzymatic cleaners don’t affect the surface of your memory foam mattress, get similar products to the ones we have been discussing and follow the following steps.

Steps to follow?

Below is a step by step guideline to undertake and achieve the best results:

  • Use as much rag or paper towel to dry the excess moisture.
  • Pour baking soda on the memory foam mattress. Leave it for some time until it turns dark. After it has turned dark in color, repeat the procedure with a dry towel until you have exhausted the remaining moisture.
  • Use a spray bottle to splay your best detergent, one that you are sure has a combination of both sweet smell and challenging stains.
  • Again, pour baking soda on the mattress.
  • To completely do away with the dried pee smell, you will need your sweetest smelling oil, which you will use a spray bottle to smear. You can use dish soap if the lingering odors do not respond to hydrogen peroxide. The dish soap can help you!
  • Leave your mattress for some time, then use a vacuum cleaner.

You might want to install a mattress protector to avoid doing this rapidly, not unless you are a fan of this tedious process. Or use a washing machine.

You now have the most successful cleaning solutions available to tackle your bed’s accidental issues. All you have to do is choose a cleaning solution that suits you the best.

How to prevent urine accidents from reaching your mattress?

Are you worried that your pet urine will damage your bed? There are many ways to stop urine from getting to your mattress. The best suitable, however, is by use of a protector. Waterproof protectors are the best when chance you have to maintain that fancy foam of yours. Surprisingly, the protectors are very cheap in both purchasing and maintaining. A good protector must be able to eliminate the following:

• Mold

• Termites or dust mites

• Allergens

• Bacterial etc.

Are enzymatic cleaners safe?

Enzymatic cleaning products are usually the best-containing components that speed up the chemical reaction. You only have to pay attention to the ingredients of this enzyme to ensure they do not contain harmful content that would amplify your problems. Certain brands may add unnatural oxidizing, or stain removing agents. This vision-impaired profile enhances their product’s ability.

Possessing the art to wash urine stains requires special skills. Mastering the art is crucial, especially if you want to protect your mattress from damage. Although these stains can be frustrating, removing them is not nearly as intimidating as it seems. There is much to it from this topic, but not everything is essential. The article has detailed some of the best methods you will ever find to clean your stains.


How to get urine out of a memory foam mattress when dry?

This suggests that when urine seeped into memory foam mattresses it has developed staining in the mattress. You need some softer treatment. For dry urine stain on the mattress, you have a few products from home.

How to get urine out of memory foam mattresses when dry?

This suggests that when urine seeped into memory foam mattresses it has developed staining in the mattress. You need some softer treatment. For urine that is dry, stain on the mattress you have a few products from home.

How do I remove urine from my mattress?

If the urine is still odouring after this point skip the previous section. The removing process typically reduces the urine scent for a mattress and prevents permanent stains. Use a good amount of baking soda and let it absorb everything. Don’t leave too much baking soda in your system until you’re ready to use it.

How to get urine stains out of bedding?

The question varies with the types of bedding. We have handled mattresses, which are the toughest to clean, so it should get easier with bedsheets and duvets, which you should be the first to remove to bed if an accident happens.
When an accident occurs, put all of your bedding in the washing machine. Use nothing but cold water as urine will set as soon as it’s in contact with hot water. Avoid using laundry but use distilled vinegar. Once the machine is done, assess the work done to ensure that all the dirt is eliminated. If stain is still showing, soak them in cold water for at least one night.

Can urine on a mattress cause mold?

Urine may dry, but if not adequately removed, forms salt found in uric acid. The salt will then drain moisture from your sweat or other humidity sources. This will then cause a reaction which will, in turn, form bacterial, causing mold.

Do air fresheners get rid of urine smell?

The answer is yes. Air fresheners will serve their purpose so long as the urine is well cleaned.
To completely do away with the smell, you have to clean by using cleaning agents like vinegar, baking soda, a protease enzyme, or hydrogen peroxide.
Identify the kind of problems you are handling, then pick the best method from the detailed ones. After doing a thorough clean, it’s about time to use your air freshener.

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