How To Make A Daybed Look Like A Couch?

Because we all want to optimize the amount of room we have, most of us are looking for furniture that is both enough space and extra space-saving and useful. In a tiny living room or kid’s room, a daybed is an ideal piece of furniture. During the day, it can be used as a chair, and at night, it can be transformed into a sleeping place.

Many simple hacks can be applied to your trundle bed to make it even more functional and useful. By looking at several approaches to transform a daybed into a sofa, we can get an idea of what you have to work with.

Decorate Round the Daybed

Your trundle bed will look like a sofa if you decorate around it like a couch. You can use the daybed legs as an opportunity to decorate with a reading lamp on one side and a potted plant on the other. Add an area rug beneath a piece of art hung above the daybed turned couch.

You may also add some modern flair to your home with a pair of storage cubes that are easy to move and reposition.

Make your daybed look like a couch by placing a huge potted plant at the back of it. Finalizing the design with macrame or framed mirrors might help bring the whole thing together.

Decorating around the daybed is a nice first step toward making it look like a sofa, but it won’t transform the piece of furniture.

How To Make A Daybed Look Like A Couch?

Use Bed Skirt or Fitted Sheets

A trundle or daybed can benefit from the addition of a day bed skirt. There is a skirt that covers the bottom of the trundle and the foam mattress. It will also hide the bed’s legs, giving it a couch-like appearance. You can match the twin bed skirt to the guest room decor or bedding for a clean and simple effect.

In the case of a trundle bed, you can even use the skirt to cover a hidden storage compartment for your bedding things.

A fitted sheet that drapes over the mattress can also be used as an alternative to a trundle bed skirts because it won’t get caught while pulling the day bed storage portion in and out.

Make sure the mattress is completely hidden by the fitted sheet. Consider a darker or patterned sheet for this situation.


Make sure the slits are in the right spot, whether you use a day bed skirts or a fitted sheet to cover the mattress. Before purchasing a sheet or skirt, it is best to measure the mattress first.

Add Large Pillows and Throw Blankets on Your Twin Bed

Large pillows that are too big might make a small bed appear even smaller. Large pillows, on the other hand, add depth and give a backrest. Make the daybed more like a couch than a bed by adding a cushion on the top, thus a couch look.

Once you’ve positioned your daybed’s main bolster pillow head or back pillows, choose two right pillows of the same color. Place throw blankets in the middle of the bed to finish the look. The daybed’s length and width should not be the focus of the throw blanket.

If you prefer symmetry and style, you may also put a cushion on one side of the bed. Instead of using odd-shaped big pillows, use rectangular ones. If you want your couch look to stand out, you need the correct cushions.


Add a plush toy or something else of your choice on your couch for an extra personal touch. It’s easy to create a pleasant atmosphere with a little decorative pillow and two huge cushions on the couch, for example. On the other hand, there’s no hard and fast rule about how many cushions you can add, so feel free to experiment.

Bolster Pillows For Armrest

Bolster pillows are a brilliant alternative to armrests. When it comes to daybeds, you’ll need to come up with a way to keep your arms or head comfy. Arms can rest on the sides of a bolster cushion like they would on a couch.


Filling for these pillows consists of down, polyester, or cotton fibers in a long cylindrical shape. It is common for bolsters to be firm because they are often employed to support the back, arm, or head.

Small End Table

Your trundle daybed will look more like a sofa if you add small end side tables. A small wooden table with a vase on one end of the bed can be a good place to put periodicals.

Make your daybed look like a couch by placing a huge potted plant at the back of it. The motif can be completed with macrame or framed mirrors.

A compact roll-away table that can be placed in front of your daybed is an alternative to a side table. While pulling the trundle bed out from under the daybed, this table is on wheels so you can easily move around.


All things considered, side tables for daybeds are a need. These tables have a lot of storage room for all of your ornaments.

Its advantage

The daybed can accommodate overnight visitors to have a cup of coffee on the coffee table. Board games, books, and even blankets can be stored on end tables with shelves.

Try a Coffee Table

Besides end tables, a coffee table is an excellent choice. The daybed-turned-classic couch like is usually positioned in front of this table. Simply remove the coffee table from the daybed if you wish to take a nap there. Add a plush rug under the table to make the coffee table have a cozy atmosphere which can be a great idea and a bonus tip to look like a couch.

Try an Ottomans Footrest

Ottomans make a living space feel more comfortable and welcoming. When you wish to sleep on the daybed, you can easily move them out of the way by moving them closer to the daybed. In addition, ottomans often have built-in storage space inside so you can keep your books and other knickknacks out of sight.


For those who are wanting to make their daybed seem and feel like a sofa, there are several alternative options. It all comes down to the seating angle and seat depth/seating depth of the seats like a couch


Let’s begin by determining the depth of the seats. One-seater couches are typically 22 inches deep, whereas twin-sized daybeds are 39 inches deep. In other words, you’ll need to use bigger backrest pillows to shorten the seat by about 17 inches.

Alternatively, you may wind up placing strain on your legs while dangling your feet off the ground. This might lead to injury. Your pillows must be large enough to give you a comfortable backrest. Consider doubling up on the padding by adding a second layer of cushions.

Easy Way of Making Your Daybed

There is an easy way to make your trundle daybed a sofa by raising the front legs and shortening the back legs, which will give it a slope.

Adding padding to the daybed’s twin mattress is another option. Seat cushions can be stuffed to raise the overall height of the chair.

You’ll have a harder time sleeping on the daybed if you implement these tips. When using the daybed as a place to sleep, it is not necessary to construct a slope or increase its height.

However, even if you intend to sleep on the trundle bed, the front portion should be elevated. Throw pillows can be used to generate this effect.

The Question is Whether or Not Daybeds are Comfortable to Sit On?

Some daybeds can be a little less pleasant to sit on or sleep on depending on the mattress material they are built from. A daybed can be made more comfortable by adding padding to the seat and huge cushions to the backrests.


Which room is the best place for a daybed?

Reading on your daybed is most frequent in the home office, where you can also use it as a desk. For overnight guests, it can be used as a couch in the living area or the guest room.

Daybeds are smaller than twin beds, right?

Daybeds aren’t smaller than a twin bed, but most are designed to be larger than a standard sofa-bed size.

Are daybeds comfortable to sit on?

Depending on the mat on the nightbed the mattresses may seem less uncomfortable to stand on or nap on. Add additional cushioning to a seat and some big pillows as backrests to maximize nighttime comfort. Add more cushioning to bed by advertisement.

Why is depth so important?

Couch depth normally is approximately 22 inches. It is far shorter than the average bed depth, normally about 39 inches. This means pillow and sofa must cover around 17 inches of extra space. Should the bed be too deep it will lose some comfort because the couch will be too small to sit in. This problem can be corrected easily by laying down some pillows on the sofa. The average couch depth is around 39 inches so the pillows need to be around 17 inches to be comfortable to sit comfortably on a Daybed. So for example a sofa can be 22″ deep and must be.


To transform your trundle or daybed into a couch, all you need to do is line up several large cushions and bolster pillows. With a few end tables and lamps, you can spruce up your daybed area. With a bed skirt and a throw blanket, you can transform a daybed into a couch in a snap.

With a few easy alterations or additions, the daybed may be utilized as a couch throughout the day as well as a nap spot in the afternoons or evenings. If you follow our helpful tips on how to make a daybed look like a couch, you should be able to complete this activity with ease!

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