How To Store A Mattress In A Garage?

How to Store a Mattress in a Garage or Storage Unit?

Choosing the right mattress can take some time, but if done correctly, it can last for as long as 15 years. This means that if you don’t use your mattress, you should keep it somewhere instead of throwing it away.

However, even a few months in improper circumstances might irreparably damage your mattress if you don’t take all the precautions before putting it in storage unit.

How To Store A Mattress In A Garage?

However, don’t worry! We’re here to help, which is why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide with advice on how to properly store a mattress.

Proper mattress storage units is essential

Storing a mattress or Leaving your mattress lying bed flat about is fine, but it’s better for everyone if you store it properly. In this manner:

  • Funky scents can be avoided by storing mattresses for a long period. Insufficient mattress air circulation between the mattress layers can also cause a stale smell when the mattress is stored in a poorly built space.
  • Your mattress will be mold and mildew-free. If your mattress is sitting on the basement floor or elsewhere, it is an easy target for colonies of mold or mildew that flourish in humid situations and can destroy your mattress. Adequate humidity is as vital as proper aeration.
  • Mattresses are designed to preserve their shape. To avoid damaging the structure of your mattress, make sure it is stored correctly. For the hard and ultra-firm mattresses, this is especially true because they often have fewer layers, making them more vulnerable to the effects of the outside world than other mattresses.

Where you can and can’t keep your mattress?

Now that you know the advantages of properly keeping a mattress, you can take advantage of them.

A Queen-sized mattress is quite heavy, so now is the right time to find a space for it.

Here are some ideas for where to put your mattress, as well as a list of places that are less ideal for storing your mattress.

Let’s Look at the Safest Places to Keep a Mattress For a Long Time:

In a heated and ventilated unit, This is certainly the greatest option for you. If you need to store anything, even a mattress, in a climate controlled unit, you’ll have complete control over the unit’s temperature, humidity, and air circulation.

A well-ventilated, dry space If a storage facility is out of your price range, rearranging the rooms in your house to better suit your needs is an option of climate control.

It’s best to keep your mattress in a dry room with a window or a vent for airflow if you’re going to store it.

Make sure your mattress isn’t directly on the ground. You can use pellets or a plywood sheet to raise it slightly off the ground if you like. To keep mildew from forming, raise the mattress a few inches off the ground the storage unit. Store a mattress flat using a mattress topper.

Here are the places where you should not keep your mattress:

  • Basement, garage, or any room This will not be a problem for you, regardless of the type and size of the mattress, if you know the best storage methods we offer you.that is not on the ground floor. Bacteria and fungi thrive in high humidity, and they’ll find their way into your mattress if you don’t take precautions. If you’re going to keep it, be sure to find a better spot to store it.
  • Near where the heat is coming from. If your mattress is made of natural latex or synthetic memory foam layers, it will melt in the presence of heat. They will melt or deform, resulting in an uneven and unpleasant mattress.
  • The pointy items are close by. Sharp items can damage the inside of the mattress by piercing the fabric and protecting layers. In addition, a hole in your mattress will allow mildew, dust mites, or even bed bugs to come inside.

Is There a Way to Preparation for Climate Controlled Storage Unit?

To wrap things up, here is a list of things you need to complete before putting your mattress in a storage vault or darkroom:

Do a mattress checkup

  • Insufficient cleaning and accumulation of dust mites, which are the most frequent allergens found in American homes, offer a perfect habitat for the mites to thrive.
  • Give your mattress a thorough cleaning before you put it in storage to prevent them from holding a party.
  • After removing all of the linen and mattress coverings, thoroughly vacuum the bed. Clean every nook of your tufted mattress’s top with a little brush if you can’t get to it easily.
  • Treat any stains on your mattress as soon as you notice them. Put baking soda, dish soap, and lukewarm water in a spray bottle and shake. Spray a generous amount of the solution on the stain and a few inches in all directions. Blot the stain with a cloth after letting it sit for 10-15 minutes. Before removing the mattress, allow it to completely dry out.
  • The surface should be disinfected. To keep your mattress clean, spray it with a Lysol disinfectant and allow it to dry for a few hours before using it. You may also use an upholstery cleaner to clean your dirty mattress, especially a latex mattress fabric and other mattress types.

A mattress storage bag is a wise investment

If you want to keep pests out of your mattress, make sure it’s well covered moving truck.

If you’re going to be a little more creative, we propose that you get a mattress storage instead of perforated plastic wrap.

You can rest assured that your mattress will be safe and sound thanks to its waterproof lining and layered design.

Lastly, rest assured that California King mattress storage bins are readily available at all major home furnishings retailers.

Flatten out a mattress before storing it away

Mattresses are composed of a top, comfort layers, transition layers, and a base. They have a structure.

Laying your mattress level on the floor or similar flat surface is the greatest way to keep your structure and, by extension, the comfort of your mattress.

Because of their weight, the mattress’s structural elements are likely to twist or flex under their weight, causing lumps or broken coils to form.

Your storage room or storage location should be large enough to fit your mattress in the same position as you would put it on a bed. This is especially for long term storage to prevent bed bugs and absorb odors including mildew growth.

Mildew can enhance a breeding ground in old blankets and plastic wrapping.

Depending On the Type of Mattress, Here’s How to Store It:

Don’t store your mattress on an uneven surface or the ground, and ensure sure it’s free of mold and dust mites.

As a result, you may want to think about the best approach to store your mattress based on its specific characteristics:

Mattress made of memory foam

Because they don’t have internal coils, memory foam mattresses conform effortlessly to your body contours. Memory foam, on the other hand, can be a problem if your mattress is placed on an uneven surface.

Make sure to wrap the mattress in plastic or put it in a storage bag to prevent mildew from growing.

Mattress made from natural latex

Due to its weight and density, natural latex can flex more easily than synthetic latex. Don’t store a latex mattress on its side or in an upright position on a level surface.

Mattress with a hybrid design

In addition to being heavy, hybrid mattresses contain a stiff coil core. If you place a hybrid mattress on its side, however, the coils are more likely to shift than if you put it on its back.

A mattress with coil springs

You should keep your mattress in an upright position while not in use to avoid bending and damaging the mattress, although box spring mattresses feature a reinforced coil unit and wired perimeter that helps them retain the shape better of the spring mattress properly.

What’s the Best Way to Store a Large Mattress?

The weight of large mattresses, such as kings and California kings, is the most important consideration.

Because of their weight, these mattresses may sag and bend if placed on a rough surface or if they are stored on the side.

So, the ideal way to keep your King-sized mattress is to lay it down flat and make sure there are no objects on top of it so that the mattress’s top layers don’t become deformed.

What are The Best Ways to Store My Mattress Safely?

You may be looking for advice on how to store a mattress, whether you just got a new one or need to free up some space.

In the unlikely event that you end up not using your new luxury mattress for a while, you don’t want to risk damaging it by improperly keeping it in your home. That’s impossible!

Knowing how to correctly store your mattress may extend its lifespan and save you money on your investment, no matter where you keep it.

No matter how much of the time you don’t spend on your mattress, you should take special care of it.

Make sure your mattress is spotless

Give the mattress a thorough cleaning before putting it away for the winter. Mold, fungus, and mildew will not be able to grow in your garage as a result of this.

This phase is critical to the mattress’s long-term viability. To avoid the growth of mold, ensure sure the mattress is dry after cleaning. Visit our blog for advice on how to clean a soiled mattress.

Make use of a mattress storage bag

Bacteria can thrive in a garage’s humid conditions. Use a mattress bag to protect your mattress from the elements. Protecting your mattress from dust, filth, and insects is another benefit of using a mattress bag.

Mattress storage bags are typically available for purchase from moving equipment retailers.

Lay the mattress on its side

When storing your mattress, you must place it in an upright position. If you’re trying to figure out how to store a memory foam mattress, laying it flat rather than resting it against a wall or standing it vertically will help reduce the danger of gravity warping the layers.

Maintaining the mattress in its natural posture will help it last as long as possible, even if it isn’t the most space-saving option.


Can you store a mattress in an upright position?

Despite what some mattress manufacturers recommend, it’s best not to store the mattress upright or on its side. In these positions, the likelihood of your mattress bending or crooking is significantly greater than if it were simply lying on the floor.

Do you know how to keep bedbugs at bay when the mattress is being stored?

Protect your mattress by purchasing a mattress cover with hidden zippers. Your mattress will be protected from bedbugs because it is made of sturdy materials and plastic lining.
Replace the mattress protector with a new one when you get it home, and you’re good to go.

Is it possible to store a mattress foled?

No, for two reasons: First, it’s really difficult to perform, and second, the mattress will be damaged.

How do you fold a memory foam mattress flat?

Depending on the construction of your mattress, folding it may be possible, but it is not recommended. The biggest problem with folding a mattress is that it wears down the mattress’ support system, as we discussed in our Snooze News Episode, “Bed in a Box.”
It is possible to damage and bend springs in a mattress if you fold the mattress, and this will weaken its support over time.
Even if it means sacrificing room in your garage, the most important thing is to preserve your mattress in good shape.


Putting away a mattress isn’t as difficult as you might have thought! Put it in a waterproof mattress encasement or a thick plastic bag and store it somewhere cold and dry for as long as you need.

If you’ve read this article, you’ll know how to get the most out of your mattress and extend the life of your mattress.

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