How To Vacuum Seal A Mattress(Sealable Mattress Bag)?

Mattresses are one of the most difficult products to transport from one location to another. In most cases, at least two persons are needed, and it takes up a significant amount of space in a moving truck. It’s not uncommon for people to drive cars instead of trucks or SUVs.

How To Vacuum Seal A Mattress

With Your Other Belongings, How Will You Fit Your Mattress Into Your Car?

This is a common feature of memory foam mattresses, where the mattress is compressed, sealed in airtight plastic mattress bag, and rolled up in an airtight container.

While you may not be able to recreate that same packaging procedure, you may get close to it with technique.

You’ll need a mattress bag and other supplies

Bag for the mattress

Most businesses and storage facilities carry plastic mattress bags. To ensure the mattress is safe and easy to transport, look for a recyclable, heavy-duty plastic bag that can be sealed. Make sure you have the proper right size mattress bag for your memory foam mattress—the bag should be the same standard size as the mattress.

Ratcheting Straps

Large goods, such as mattresses, can be held in place with ratchet straps or tie-down straps. nylon is a popular choice for ratchet straps because of its flexibility and durability.

Ratchet straps keep the mattress from unraveling when it’s rolled up. As long as you’re looking for something high-quality, ratchet straps cost less than $20. The best way to secure a mattress is to use three ratchet straps—one on each end and one in the middle.


Reinforce the plastic bag’s edges with duct tape or packing tape to keep the rolled-up mattress in place. To avoid tearing the mattress bag throughout the packing and unpacking process, use tape that isn’t too sticky, otherwise you risk damaging the bag.

The bag can be vacuumed

Consider purchasing a smaller, less expensive vacuum bag because you will just be using the valve. Before purchasing a vacuum bag, make sure that the valve is compatible with your vacuum hose.

Remove The Memory Foam Mattress’s Air From Itself

Remove all bedding from the room

Make sure the mattress is clean and dry before putting it in the plastic mattress bag. Memory foam mattress toppers and comforters are included in this category. Your mattress should not be packed with these things.

Place in Bag

The plastic mattress bag can be used to store the bare memory foam mattress. To avoid having to deal with extra plastic bag, avoid choosing a mattress it that is larger than your mattress. In addition, the extra plastic bag could take up valuable storage space.

It’s time to seal the deal

Remove the vacuum bag valve for removal. Do this by making a hole roughly the same size as the valve in your mattress. When you insert the valve into the hole, be sure that the nozzle is facing outward.

Make sure the bag is airtight by taping the area around the valve. Tape can also be used to strengthen the mattress bag’s corners before compressing it.

Vacuum hose

Attach the suction hose to the valve with a standard vacuum seal, vacuum cleaner or shop vac. When you turn on the vacuum, you’ll see how much your mattress at home has shrunk.

While the vacuum seal bag is running, gently press on the mattress’s surface to help flatten it.

Compress a memory foam in a vac.

Begin rolling up the compressed mattress while keeping it horizontal. To keep the bag from filling up with air, keep the vacuum valve on and hook to the valve.

If you have a memory foam mattress at home that is larger than full-size, you may need more than one person to wrap it up.

Use a regular vacuum, vacuum cleaner, or shop vac to connect the suction hose to the valve. As soon as the vacuum is turned on, you’ll notice how much your mattress has shrunk. Gently press on the mattress surface while the vacuum bag is running to help flatten it….

A shop vacs can be used to compress memory foam. Keep the mattress horizontal as you begin rolling it up. As a preventative measure, keep the vacuum valve open and attach a hook to it.

Many people will need to help you pack your memory foam mattress when it is larger than a full-size.

It’s time to secure it

To secure the mattress, use the ratcheting straps. To retain the mattress in place and prevent it from unraveling, use ratchet straps.

Helpful hint

The mattress should be transported horizontally after it has been rolled up to avoid any damage. Duct tape can be used to reinforce the mattress roll as an added precaution. Use as much as you need.

Mattresses up to and including a California king can be serviced using the DIY approach.

Consider other factors, as well:

Are memory foam mattresses foldable?

Yes. A solid memory foam mattress at home may be compacted and rolled up for convenient storage and transit.

It’s time to get a new mattress if you wake up in the morning with aches and pains and observe a perceptible sag in the mattress. If it’s been more than seven to ten years since you purchased a new mattress, it may be time to do so.

Do innerspring mattresses have the ability to be compressed?

No. It’s dangerous to try to compress and roll up innerspring beds or regular mattresses.

A memory Foam Mattress At Home Can Be Shrunk How?

If you’re moving and need to reduce the size of your mattress, you can vacuum wrap it in a mattress bag. Find mattress bags that can be used with the vacuum’s hose attachment by looking for ones that include a valve.

Put the mattress in place

Remove all but the mattress protector from your mattress before compressing it. Mattress toppers and pads are included in this category as well as pillows and other bedding essentials.

Bag the mattress vacuum bag

Put the mattress in the bag and seal it. This is best done with another person, although it may still be done by yourself. Begin by elevating one end of the mattress a few inches, then slowly slip the mattress into the bag one piece at a time. A duct tape is a key component here.

Seal the bag with duct tape and then zip it up again. For the remaining stages, place your mattress on the floor.

Most businesses and storage facilities carry plastic mattress bags. To ensure the mattress is safe and easy to transport, look for a recyclable, heavy-duty plastic bag that can be sealed. Make sure you have the proper right size mattress bag for your memory foam mattress—the bag should be the same standard size as the mattress.

Assemble the valve

Vacuum bag valves can be cut out and taped together if you leave enough plastic around the valve to allow for this. A small hole should be cut in the mattress bag to allow the valve to fit through.

Make a small hole in the bag and slip the valve through, then tape it shut.

The air needs to be vacuumed

For this phase, your mattress should be flat on the floor, which is preferable for uniformly compressing your mattress and avoiding foam damage.

Vacuum hoses can be attached to this valve. If you like, you can seal the two together using duct tape. When you turn on the vacuum cleaner, you’ll be able to see the mattress and bag shrink. Mattresses will collapse more quickly if you walk on top of them or move around on them. A duct tape is key here.

Mattresses can be rolled up at this point (rolled mattress)

Start rolling the mattress up from one end to the other as soon as it’s flattened. When rolling up the mattress, it’s a good idea to keep the vacuum cleaner running so that it may pick up any remaining air that may have been forced out. Make a tighter bundle by rolling it out carefully.

Make a Secure Knot

Once the mattress has been folded up, secure it with the straps and crank them until they are snug. To avoid tearing, you should insert some cushioning between the straps and the beg.

Keep the mattress flat after wrapping it up and fastening it to avoid damage. To keep the mattress safe, put it in a box, then seal it up.

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It is our aim that this DIY method would make transferring a mattress into a new home easier. Please keep in mind that the instructions in this article are only intended to be used with solid memory foam bed or latex mattresses.

There is no need to compress and roll up the innerspring. For hybrid mattresses, contact the mattress company for advice on how to fold them up—some kinds may hold up well in this process, while others may not.

Avoid damaging your mattress by following the instructions on the packaging. Your memory foam bed mattress is ready to go after it is rolled up and placed in the car. Try a california king size mattress for the best results of latex mattress or compress a memory foam at home.

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